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Hanwang Chemical (Vietnam) Co., LTD., is a research and development, sales, inspection as one of the production factory, the company specializes in metal pretreatment cleaning, metal passivation, anodizing and electroless nickel plating four categories of a complete set of chemicals. Deeply cultivated in the metal surface treatment industry for more than 20 years, the company has an excellent R & D team, including more than 20 researchers with doctors and masters, and we maintain cooperation with many domestic colleges and research institutions to share research results.


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Focus on research and development, pursuit product’s quality, optimize products to meet the demands of society


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  • Customer Service

    We aim to establish long-term and profound cooperation with all our valued customers. Any problems, please feel free to contact us. Our professional engineering team and sales team operate on 24/7, ensuring prompt response to inquiries and requests.
  • Value and Responsiblity

    Committed to produce eco-friendly products for the metal surface pretreatment sector, aiming to offer our esteemed customers with maximum efficiency while consisting of environment sustainability.
  • Quality

    We are committed to providing superior surface treatment products and services that meet and exceed customer and regulatory standards.
  • Lead Time

    We pride ourselves on over 96% of on-time rate in delivery time.

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