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Passivating agent LQ-C802

Environmentally friendly chromium-free copper passivator can extend the oxidation time of copper, effectively protect copper in a period of time without discoloration, improve the corrosion resistance of copper


Product advantages:

1. After copper passivation agent treatment, it will not have any impact on the appearance of the workpiece and the hardness of the surface.
2. After copper passivation agent treatment, it can effectively prevent the risk of copper oxidation, the passivation film generated is uniform, and does not affect the luster of copper itself.
3. After the copper passivation agent treatment, the copper is not easy to produce pitting, black spots, green rust, etc., and the storage time is effectively extended.
4. The passivation treatment time is short, the speed is fast, and the tank liquid can be used repeatedly.
5. The passivation film generated does not affect the later processing operations, does not contain heavy metals, non-toxic, safe and environmental protection, neutral solution, waste liquid does not need to be special
Special treatment, can be directly discharged.


How to use:

Working concentration: 30-50% for slotting
Equipment used: PP tank or stainless steel tank, liquid circulation or pumping mode, except for continuous operation of the workpiece.
Usage: After the color fixing treatment is completed, wash the product with clean water, and then soak it in the chromium-free passivation agent for 2-5
After minutes, rinse with clean water, dry directly with cold air or place in the oven at 50-80℃ to dry.

Packaging and storage:

25kg/ barrel, plastic drum packing
Store in a cool and dry warehouse, no sun and rain.

Control suggestions:

1, this sample is neutral, wear gloves when using, so as not to splash the body
2, such as splashing on the skin need to rinse with a lot of water as soon as possible, if necessary, medical treatment.


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