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About us

HANHE Vietnam New Material CO., Ltd.

Who We Are & What We Do

HANHE Vietnam New Material CO., Ltd. is an entity engaged in research and development of metal surface treatment chemicals, manufacturing, and technological services within the chemical sector. The company's product portfolio encompasses industrial sectors such as precision hardware, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, and solar photovoltaics.

Since its inception, HanHe has consistently adhered to its business philosophy of providing customers with a comprehensive ONE-STOP solution, offering cost-effective, technologically simple, high-performance, and environmentally friendly metal surface finishing chemicals. HanWang's vast proficiency in cleaning operations across a diverse array of industries enables us to provide invaluable assistance in identifying the most suitable product option for your unique application. Meanwhile, we are committed to the continuous advancement of technology and the management of production processes to meet the highest standards of quality, thereby earning the trust and support of its customers.


Technology takes the top priority

The company always adheres to the corporate’s goal with strong technology, throughout the company with the concept of professionalism, focus, dedication, and expertise.

Pursuing fields within international industry

The Company takes the industrial standards as the motivation, surmount industrial standards, pursuing fields under international industry is the purpose; cooperate with different domestic universities and leading the industry with strong technical force

was founded
Cooperative Customers

Brand Culture

Continuous improvement of products to create quality value


Brand core

Professional, efficient, environmental protection, scientific


Company vision

Become the industry's leading green pioneer

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Core values

Integrity, responsibility, innovation, cooperation

Our Skills & Expertise

During the process of development, Hanwang is by and by becoming a bright star in the field of chemical metal surface treatment with product industrialization, technology simplification, production efficiency, cost saving, environmental sanitation and timely service.

Research and development

Research and development base

Development course

Company’s Establishment 

— 1998

Establishment of the 1st subsidiary 

— 2007

Establishment the 2nd subsidiary 

— 2013

Establishment of thre 3rd subsidiary

— 2016

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