Aluminum alloy sealing agent technical article

一. the introduction

Aluminum alloy, as a metal material with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and processing performance, is widely used in aviation, construction, automotive, home appliances and other fields. However, during processing and use, aluminum alloys are prone to oxidation and corrosion, which affects their service life. Therefore, in order to improve the corrosion resistance and service life of aluminum alloys, surface treatment is required. As one of the key materials for surface treatment, sealing agents play an important role in protecting aluminum alloys.


二.the role of sealing agents

The main function of sealing agents is to seal the micro pores on the surface of aluminum alloys and isolate the corrosion media such as oxygen and water vapor in the air. Specifically, the functions of sealing agents can be summarized as follows:

  1. Closing micro pores: Aluminum alloys have many micro pores on their surface. These micro pores serve as channels for corrosion media such as oxygen and water vapor to enter the interior of the aluminum alloy. Sealing agents can fill these micro pores to prevent the entry of corrosion media and thereby prevent oxidation and corrosion of aluminum alloys.
  2. Forming protective film: Sealing agents form a dense protective film on the surface of aluminum alloys. This protective film can isolate corrosion media such as oxygen and water vapor in the air, enhancing the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys.
  3. Enhancing aesthetic appearance: The aluminum alloy surface treated with sealing agents is smooth and clean, and is not easily stained, maintaining a long-lasting aesthetic appearance.
  4. Increasing service life: By virtue of the protective effect of sealing agents, the service life of aluminum alloys can be significantly increased, reducing losses caused by oxidation and corrosion.

三. conclusion

Sealing agents play an important role in improving the corrosion resistance and service life of aluminum alloys. In practical applications, suitable types of sealing agents should be chosen based on specific needs and environmental conditions, and reasonable use and maintenance should be carried out. With the continuous development of surface treatment technology, it is believed that there will be more efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical aluminum alloy sealing agent products in the future, providing a broader development prospects for the application of aluminum alloys.


Post time: Jan-03-2024